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About Us

At Planting Seeds Academic Solutions, formerly known as Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep, we believe that "Passionate Learning is the Seed to Growth".

We offer a clear and efficient approach that pairs students with the right tutors, driven by this passion for learning.

Our support goes beyond just tutoring sessions, keeping you updated with monthly progress reports and detailed session notes. You can check these anytime through our Client Login.

We know that when students are passionate about learning, they grow—both in school and in life. We use personalized tutoring, fun teaching methods, and a strong dedication to every student's success to help them gain knowledge, build skills, and grow in confidence.

Join us and see how learning with passion can plant the seeds for a bright future.

Planting Seeds: A Commitment to Learning and Growth

Christopher Jones

Welcome to Planting Seeds Academic Solutions! I'm Chris Jones, founder of PSAS.

My journey began unexpectedly, tutoring peers and coworkers' students during my time as an accountant. Through these interactions, I witnessed first-hand the various obstacles students face - be it poor study skills, diverse learning styles, or lack of self-esteem. This experience led me to a revelation: education goes beyond conventional metrics of success. It's about fostering academic self-confidence and harnessing individual potential.


As I returned to school again to receive my Masters and took up an instructor role at Southern Careers Institute, I struck by the struggles of many students - particularly the fresh high school graduates transitioning to college. Their comprehension wasn't the issue; instead, they lacked the organizational skills and motivation needed to thrive in an academic environment.

This realization led to the inception of Planting Seeds Academic Solutions.

Our mission is not just to help students earn an A+ grade.
Instead, we aim to nurture lifelong learners equipped with the skills needed to grow and excel both within and outside the academic realm.

We aspire to see every student we interact with develop the passion and tools for continuous learning and personal growth.

Our Dedicated Team



Program Director

Introducing Lauren, our energetic and passionate Program Director. She brings a unique blend of skills and a warm personality to Planting Seeds, enhancing our culture and making a significant difference in student engagement. Her unwavering dedication to high-impact tutoring shapes the exceptional learning experiences we are known for. We appreciate you, Lauren!



Director of Partnership and Strategy

Meet Nick, he processes more than a decade of progressive experience in the fields of Education and Business! With a Master’s degree in educational management, he has also come to specialize in full-service program management and business development, and has led a wide range of education projects. These roles within complex operations, included building long-term trusting relationships with stakeholders and partners in the US and other international locations.



Program Support Specialist

Say hello to Bailey, our dependable backbone and tireless advocate for academic success. Bailey ensures every tutor is equipped and inspired to make a transformative impact on our students' academic journey. Her unwavering commitment to our team and clients beautifully illustrates our ethos of nurturing growth and fostering success.

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Jo Molina

Account Executive

Please welcome Jo! She is already making strides in building strong, lasting relationships with clients, reflecting our mission to empower students and foster lifelong learning. Her role involves striving to meet sales targets, coordinating with clients, and managing tutor schedules to ensure personalized and effective service. With a passion for client satisfaction and a talent for effective communication, Jo embodies our commitment to academic confidence and knowledge. We are excited to see Jo’s growth and contributions to our team’s success.



Digital Community Manager



Admin Assistant

Meet Rocio, our brand ambassador! Rocio plays a critical role in spreading our message and mission to audiences far and wide. Her diverse skills help paint a vibrant picture of who we are and how we serve the community, embodying our values of openness and outreach.

Meet Shireen, our detail-oriented maestro! She symbolizes the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps Planting Seeds together, reinforcing our brand value of operational excellence. With Shireen, we’re indeed fortunate to have a guiding force that keeps us on track and focused on our mission.



Recruitment Specialist

Welcome Judie! Our dedicated and passionate recruiter who brings warm personality to the team, making a significant difference with her leadership skills as she plays a crucial role in the recruitment process, primarily responsible for identifying and selecting the best candidates to fill job vacancies together with the hiring team. She ensures the recruitment process is efficient and effective in meeting the organization’s talent needs.

150+ Certified Tutors Available Now

Michael Dam - Tutor in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, AZ

Christina - Tutor, Sonoma in California

Sonoma, CA

Christian Buehner - Tutor in Austin, TX

Austin, TX

Joseph Gonzalez - Tutor in Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR

Jake Nackos - Tutor in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, IL

Ben O'bro - Tutor in Miami, Florida

Miami, FL

What Our Parents Say

Chris and his team have been great to work with - takes time to make sure the kids match the tutor personality-wise and learning style. You can tell they really care about the kids and are invested in their success. Highly recommend using their service.

— Louise A.

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