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Planting Seeds Academic Solutions offers a vast range of programs that can be individually tailored to each student our qualified instructors work with.

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We Service 20+ School Districts & Organizations Across the U.S. Are we in yours?

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Who We Are

Planting Seeds Academic Solutions in partnership with the Seekers of Knowledge Foundation is an educational company providing tutoring, test preparation, enrichment, summer camps, and after-school programs for students nationwide. 

We specialize in helping students, schools, and districts achieve their educational goals for the growth and betterment of their future and community.


Contact us today to see if we tutor courses according to your student's curriculum.


What Makes Us Different

Personalized Learning

Power of Adaptability

Qualified Instructors

Building Relationships & Community Outreach

Project Based Learning

Continuous Support

Rigorous Recruitment

In House Curriculum

Reasonable Pricing

No Hidden Fees

No Long-Term Contracts


Enrichment Courses with PS & Seekers of Knowledge

In partnership with Seekers of Knowledge Foundation, Planting Seeds Academic Solutions hosts over 25  enrichment classes throughout the year for students of all ages! We are not just in the business of academic success we want to make sure students learn in anything they are interested in! Come join the FUN!


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Our tutors are experts in their field that go through rigorous testing to ensure they are the right fit for the subject matter.


Questions regarding our courses and pricing?

Book a free consultation today to get started on the journey to a happier, brighter future.

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We have the right program for your children!


In partnership with The Seekers of Knowledge Foundation, the Planting Seeds After School program is designed to meet the needs of each child and focuses on what they need and enjoy most. We partner with school districts, nonprofit organizations, and community centers.


After School Programs


  •  STEAM Enrichment Courses

  •  Improvements in grades and academic performance

  •  Opportunities for decision-making and leadership

  •  Project-based activities

  •  Outdoor activities


PST Professional Development Program

Expand your knowledge and improve your instruction methods!

Professional development is an excellent way for teachers, professionals, nonprofit organizations, and school administrators to explore new teaching and instructional techniques, and methods.

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Our consulting service will allow "you" to stay up to date on new research and improve your "teaching" skills. All of this together will have a positive impact on your organization and professional life.Request more info by clicking on the button below.


"Our daughter wasn't liking math as much in middle school as she did in grade school. She had been thinking PreAP wasn't for her. A month after starting with Planting Seeds, she was saying math was fun. We're continuing through the summer ... Highly recommend!

Cossy Hough

"Great service, great tutors! Two of my children receive their test prep services from PST for the past few months and both children have shown great improvement in math and writing. I am recommending them to any parent seeking a tutor/test prep company!

Ms Murdock

"Chris and the team have been great to work with - takes time to make sure the kids match the tutor personality-wise and learning style. You can tell they really care about the kids and are invested in their success. Highly recommend using their service."

Louise A

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