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Enrichment Courses 

Dive into a world of enriched learning with Planting Seeds Academic Solutions. Our Enrichment Courses are designed to go beyond traditional academic boundaries, offering students a chance to explore new subjects, hone existing skills, and ignite new passions.


Our courses, available year-round, are designed to challenge students, ensuring they achieve academic success while broadening their horizons.


Limitless Skill Development

Foster a wide range of skills, ensuring students are well-equipped for the future. From mastering Roblox and diving into the world of coding to exploring foreign languages and the rhythm of music, the opportunities for growth are boundless.​


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Featured Course Categories
Coding: Dive into the digital world and learn the art of programming.
Writing: Enhance your literary skills and express yourself with clarity.
Foreign Language: Embrace global cultures by mastering new languages.
TOEFL Preparation: Get ready for this English proficiency test with expert guidance.
Test-Taking Skills: Master strategies to excel in any exam.
Financial Literacy: Understand the nuances of finance and money management.
Drama: Unleash your creativity and step into the world of theater.
STEAM: Explore the intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

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