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Back to School Essentials: Must Have Supplies and Organization Tips

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Get ready to ace this school year with our comprehensive guide to essential school supplies and top-notch organization strategies. Start the academic journey with confidence and success!

📌 Essential School Supplies:

  • Notebooks, binders, and folders to keep your coursework organized.

  • Pens, pencils, and highlighters for note-taking and studying.

  • Calculators and rulers for math and science classes.

  • Backpacks and lunch boxes for hassle-free school days.

  • Hand sanitizers and face masks to stay healthy.

💼 Organization Strategies:

  • Establish functional routines to manage time effectively.

  • Build good homework and study habits for consistent progress.

  • Set goals and transition plans to achieve academic milestones.

  • Stay involved and connected with teachers and parents for support.



Get ready to make this school year your best yet! Dive into expert techniques and actionable strategies that not only promote academic excellence but also cultivate essential life skills.

📚Workshop Highlights:

  • Establishing Functional Routines

  • Building Good Homework & Study Habits

  • Essential Back to School Checklist

  • Setting Goals and Transition Plans

  • Key Questions for "Meet the Teacher" Sessions

  • Tips for Staying Engaged and In-The-Know

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Streaming live on THURSDAY, AUGUST 24, at 5:00 pm CST.


🌟 Congratulations to Mireya Rosado, our exceptional Recruiter of the Month!

🎉 Your dedication, passion, and relentless effort has made an incredible impact on our team.

Your knack for bringing in top talent is truly commendable.

Thank you for your outstanding contributions! 🙌


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