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About Us

Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep is a  committed to a simple, straightforward process between consulting with clients to matching students with tutors. We offer continued support throughout the tutoring process with monthly progress reports and detailed session notes through our Client Login.

How PST Came to Be

Welcome to Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep! My name is Chris Jones, and I'm the founder of PST.

I received my start in education when I began tutoring my peers and coworkers' students for fun while working as an accountant. During this time, I witnessed some of the challenges students faced in order to be successful, such as poor study skills, different types of learning styles & lack of self-esteem. I realized that setting goals is a vital component to building academic self-esteem and inspiring motivation to meet individual potential. 

When I returned to school to receive my Masters, I became an instructor at Southern Careers Institute. I saw that many struggling students did not lack comprehension of the material & concepts, or couldn’t follow along or participate in the class. The problem was that many of the younger students (fresh out of high school) were unequipped for the challenges they would face in college. In addition, they didn’t have great organizational skills (keeping up with homework, preparing for tests, etc.) and were unmotivated by grades and lack of initiative to excel through academic enrichment. 

My desire for PST is to see every student we interact with develop skills for lifelong learning and growth, not just an A+ grade!

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Our Rockstar Admin Team

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Hiring Manager

Hi there, Ale! We appreciate all you do for PST as Hiring Manager at Planting Seeds Tutoring. Thank you for working hard to make our tutoring team of over 150+ tutors thrive. 



Program Director

Hi Noelle! As Program Director, your creative problem-solving and teaching methods are essential to our growing team of over 150+ tutors across the globe. We are glad to have your passion and expertise to help our tutors daily!



Director of Sales and Community Partnerships

Hi Danny! Your uncanny ability to build relationships with parents, students, schools and leaders within the community is the reason why PST is where it is tooday! We're glad to have your expertise guiding us to a successful global effort!



Enrichment Director

Hi there, Maryssa! We appreciate your commitment to providing students with engaging enrichment classes full of project-based activities! Your broad skillset and warm personality influence our culture at PST in a positive way! 



Program Support Specialist

Hi there, Abigail! As Program Support Specialist, you make sure all of our tutors are prepared and ready to make an impact in students' academic success! Your consistent support for our team and clients keeps PST running smoothly!



Social Media Manager

Hi there, Rocio! As social media manager, you drive our message to the audience. Your broad skillset allows everyone to know who we are and how we can best serve the community!



Admin Assistant

Hi there, Joana! We are lucky to have you on the team! Your attention to detail and professionalism plays a major role in our daily operations. You are the glue behind the scenes!


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What Parents Say

Chris and team have been great to work with - takes time to make sure the kids match the tutor personality-wise and learning style. You can tell they really care about the kids and are invested in their success. Highly recommend using their service.

— Louise A.

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