Core Subjects and Resources

Core Subjects and Helpful Resources

At Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep, we desire for our students to have an array of independent resources which will help them succeed in their personal study. We want to see our students develop and maintain healthy, lifelong skills in additional to teaching content. Check out the subjects that we tutor below, and click on helpful links for free worksheets and links to websites we use to teach our students (and ourselves!). 

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Test Prep and Practice Tests

The Test Prep section of our website contains many useful resources to help you find out more about the tests we tutor for,  registration links, dates, and content matter. We even have links to official practice tests to help our students succeed in:

  • PSAT, SAT (and Subject Tests)
  • ACT
  • AP
  • GRE, GMAT, and more.

Content Retention and Independent Study

Homework Help

Need assistance finishing your homework assignments? Our tutors are here to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have along the way.

Study Skills

Want to improve the way you take notes or learn how to manage your time effectively? Our tutors can you through how to form good habits and learn the skills needed to become a better learner and student.

How should you study?

Planting Seeds Tutoring & Test Prep teaches students to study using proven methods that we used for ourselves during our time in school. We desire for our students to maintain a healthy, happy study routine in order to be most successful both in the tutoring session and in their life! Click on the drop-down menu below to access helpful tips on study methods such as the Cornell Note-Taking System, self-assessments through websites such as Quizziz, and more.

The Cornell Note-Taking System is used by students (usually during a lecture class, but can be adapted for other courses as well!) to restate main ideas and engage the student with the information he or she learned. Click Here to find out more about the Cornell Note-Taking System.

Quizzing yourself can be difficult, especially when you need to create the questions and answers – not to mention it’s time consuming.

Websites like Quizziz and Kahoot are among the most popular with quizzes across multiple subjects and grade levels.

Listening to music while studying can actually enhance your ability to retain information. Click Here for a Planting Seeds approved Spotify playlist!

Core Subjects


Reading Comprehension, Language Art, Grammar, Writing, and Literature

An early grasp of phonemes is essential to every child learning to read English. Phonetic awareness also helps children diagnosed with Dyslexia master reading. 

  • Click Here for Rock-N-Learn free phonics worksheets

Outlining is an important first-step in creating a thought-provoking and connected paper. 

  • Click Here to access a google slide on creating an essay outline 
  • Sparknotes
    • This website provides helpful outlines, plot and thematic development, and important quotations within plenty of academic books
  • The TEA (Texas Education Agency) has a list of invaluable resources on Literacy, Dyslexia, and practice STAAR questions for the English portion of the test. Find it here.

Essay Assistance

Writing a multi-page paper can seem like a daunting task - our skilled tutors will sit down with you and guide you though the process of writing an essay or research paper. Just need editing? We can help with that too!


We help our students understand the complexity of English using methods to master the phonetics, understand grammatical structure, and the repetitive use of high-frequency words. Let us help you, or your student, succeed in this invaluable skill.


Elementary, Middle School, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics and College Algebra

Websites like Mathantics and Khan Academy prove to be valuable resources, and some that we tutors return to again and again for Math tutoring prep. We also utilize websites that offer free math worksheets like Teacherspayteachers and We enjoy using multiple sources of technology to engage our students in innovative and exciting ways. 

This website and youtube channel is very helpful for students to understand increasingly difficult mathematical concepts. Check out their youtube channel here and their website here. There is a $20 fee for a year-long subscription which includes worksheets and videos to explain the answers.

Khan Academy is an incredible, free, online resource which our tutors frequently use for supportive lesson planning, assign homework, and to freshen up our own skills in certain subjects. Click here to access the website.

The STAAR Test is essential to every Texas student in a public school setting. Find out more information regarding the STAAR test on our Test Prep webpage, or find helpful math study tools here!

Foreign Language and ESL Tutoring

ESL, Spanish, Latin, and French. Proficiencies at all levels.

Our specialized group, on-on-one, and online tutoring sessions are tailored to meet every student’s needs. English Language Learners (ELLs) will benefit from our implementation of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKs) which outlines what each grade-level requires for success. 

Here are some helpful websites to consider:

Social Studies, World Geography, US History, World History, and European History

History and Science

Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, across all grade levels​

We enjoy employing tactics to engage our students with fun application of history and science. We accomplish this with exciting, hands-on approaches to recognize the importance of science, technology, and history in our contemporary world. There are plenty of online resources to help your student interact with the world around him or her! 


"Hiring a tutor from this amazing and incredibly organized organization has been the best decision for my daughter and I...She looks forward to meeting with her tutor twice a week, enjoys her homework and fun assignments, and talks so highly about her teacher every day after the session!"
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